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We offer legal counsel and representation in a variety of immigration-related situations. This comprises applications for Employment, Student, Resident, and Guest visas, as well as Resident and Humanitarian appeals, and Entrepreneur and Investor categories.

Work Visa

The Essential Skills work visa is the most prevalent type of work visa. You must have a job offer from a New Zealand...

Partnership Visa

You may be able to apply for a partnership based visa if you are in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident...

Student Visa

You can study full-time in New Zealand with a student visa. International student fees must be paid if you plan to study at...

Eligibility Assessment

We can do an eligibility assessment for you if you are unsure which visa to apply for or if you want to see if you...

Visitor Visa

Tourist visas allow you to go to and stay in New Zealand for a short period of time. They are best suited to visitors...

Live Permanently

Working Holiday visa allow young people from particular countries to study, work, and travel in New Zealand...

PPI Response

PPI is a concern letter from immigration New Zealand. If Immigration Officers are dissatisfied with your application...

Tribunal Appeals

Appeal is a process where someone is not happy with immigration decision or have some special circumstances which can...

Accredited Employer Work Visa

Employer who what to invite a worker to apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) Re...

Job Application Check

You must apply for a Job Check once you have received accreditation. But before you apply for a Job Check, you might need to advertise...

Join or Bring Family Visa

A family visa is a gateway to reuniting and strengthening the bonds that tie families together...

Start a business or invest visa

For aspiring entrepreneurs, a start business visa is a golden ticket to turn innovative concepts into thriving enterprises...

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If you apply for a visa with us, our immigration adviser will not only prepare and manage your visa application, but will also assist you with your immigration journey by communicating with Immigration on your behalf.


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We provide lawful advice and representation in a range of immigration law related matters. This includes work, student, resident, visitor visa applications as well as resident and humanitarian appeals and entrepreneur and investor Category applications.

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